Don’t Submit a Walmart Application Online Until You Visit The Store

A Walmart application online can secure your future.Before you fill out a Walmart application online and expect for them to call you right away, it’s a better move to visit them in person, introduce yourself, and fill out an application online in the store’s kiosk.  The same goes for Sam’s Club positions (they are affiliated with WM).

When you fill out an entry-level job application, you want to leave the desired starting salary negotiable.  This way they know you are not asking for too much but you are  hoping not to settle for the worst starting salary either.  This will actually improve your chances of getting hired because they will see you as being assertive and sure of yourself, both good traits for someone who can “do the job”.

With the recent negative employment outlook, it seems everyone who is without a job is struggling to find work. Walmart offers the perfect solution but if you are going to have a chance at getting hired here, you need to pull up your bootstraps and get ready to work it.

The first thing you should focus on is how you are going to stand out in a crowd of dozens of people trying to get the same position you are applying for. The easy way to do this is to dress up in decent clothes, visit the store you want to work in, and introduce yourself to the human resources department.

It really is this easy; 99% of people simply file an application online hoping to get a call back and although some of them do get a call back, many don’t. There are also other applicants who simply show up at the store to apply completely unprepared and they run into the human resources department after a cashier or other employee directs them to go there.

So, the trick is to come prepared with your work history and all other pertinent personal details so you can fill out a Walmart application online right there in the store’s kiosk after you have met someone on the staff.

Once you leave, make sure you follow up at least once a week on your application in person and not over the phone. If you do it over the phone you may be forgotten and not taken seriously.

Once they call you for the interview you will be met by a human resources person who will verify your application detail, then you will be interviewed by someone in management.

Remember, they are looking for someone who is dependable and can get along well with co-worker, so you better believe they are sizing you up from the moment they see you. They will be looking for things such as how personable you are, whether you seem nervous and fidget, and whether or not you have decent communication skills.

Go into the interview thinking the Walmart application online you filled recently will be the start of a lasting career with this, the most successful retailer in the world, and hopefully everything else will fall into place.