Before Submitting an Application Online, Research the Company

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they submit an application online is they fail to research whatever company they are applying to. This can spell disaster in many cases; if you don’t know enough about the company and all you do is apply online and hope for a job, when it comes time for the interview process, you may failed miserably. Preparing yourself for the interview process starts with exactly that; conducting as much research as you can about the company whether through the official company website, or through networking.

An application online can take you only so far and it’s your investigative skills that can take you to the highest of heights. What I mean by this is; you can look at companies’ official websites and get as much information as possible but to gather inside information is a completely different thing. As an example, let’s say you’re applying to a fast food restaurant as a store manager. The logical thing to do would obviously be to visit the website and fish around for as much information as possible. After that, you can easily visit the store and make contact with the store manager and ask him or her as many questions as you can. Make sure you do this during off-peak hours or you may get a cold reception.

If you’re going in as an entry level worker somewhere in retail or fast food, you could easily visit any store that you would like or fast food restaurant, and strike up a conversation with one of the employees. I find it’s easier than anything to talk to the person wiping off tables at a fast food restaurant because they’ll take the time to stop what they’re doing if it means pleasing a customer or simply any person. These people are so nice!

So, in summary, before you submit your application online make sure you know enough about the company to be able to pass the interview with flying colors. You also want to be able to answer questions that are related to the company and how you fit it; it’s going to take a little bit of effort but by being prepared, success is just around the corner.