How To Prepare for an Application Online

We all know how easy it is to find any company in our areas and submit an application online using their guidelines and criteria, but is there anything we can do to better prepare ourselves for what’s to come after we press the “send” button after we apply online? Of course there is, and , what’s more, we can help place ourselves in a very favorable position to get hired with a few helpful pointers.

First, have you given any thought to at least conducting some research of your own regarding how the company you are applying to operates? This is one of the biggest mistakes people make and without this step, they can find themselves in a few different unfavorable positions. For one, how are you going to find out which position to apply for? Two, how do you know you are at least going to be interested in the actual company if you have ‘t the slightest clue of what they are about? Rule number one should always be; research the company first!

Second, after you have targeted a job opening, have you thought about networking or at least introducing yourself to a representative of the company? Research shows that your chances of getting a job will dramatically increase if you make some sort of connection before submitting your application online. Sadly, far too many people fill out 20 or so online applications without bothering to do anything to stand out from the crowd. What happens! Yep, you got it; you get lost in the shuffle! Rule number two; network or at the very least, introduce yourself in person to a company rep before you submit an application online.

Third, give a lot of thought to how you are going to make a great, lasting first impression to whomever you meet at the company before submitting your online application. This means you need to look your best! If you need a new haircut, go get one! If you need a new outfit you need to find a way to get it, pronto! You want to feel as comfortable and as confident as possible when you meet with a company rep and it starts with your personal appearance. Rule number three should be to take pride in your appearance and take it very seriously; it’s a fact that your appearance helps you get hired if you can impress upon them that you are a neat and clean person.