How to Beat the Teenage Summer Jobs Doldrums

The task of finding good summer jobs for teenagers has become extremely difficult over the past three years. Gone are the days where you could easily fill out an application online and have a good chance to get hired right away. This has led to a lot of stress at homes were families count on their teenagers to be able to establish themselves with a new set of responsibilities as well as being able to cover some of their recreational costs throughout the year.

Not surprisingly, the inability for a teenager to be able to find summer jobs has caused teens a lot of problems not only in the household, but their health as well. Otherwise normal healthy teenagers can sometimes gain a few extra pounds by just sitting around all day in front of a computer and playing video games. It’s not like in the old days where kids could go to the front of the house and play all day on the front lawn or alternatively, in the backyard without having to worry about something happening to them.

Aside from that, kids are more motivated these days to sit in front of a computer rather than spend any time on some type of outdoor activity.

What is a Parent to Do When it Appears There are No Youth Summer Jobs Available?

One suggestion is to take your kid to your actual workplace and let them share some of the responsibilities. Some bosses will actually allow this and some will not. Either way, it’s worth asking and if you are small-business owner this one is a no-brainer. In fact, many parents who own businesses allow their kids to go to work with them during the summer for a few days out of every week so they can learn a whole new set of responsibilities as well as earn a little bit of extra money.

Some of the Best Teenage Summer Jobs are Right There Under Your Nose; You Just Have to Know Where to Look

There are plenty of people who walk around their neighborhood and ask people if they need any services such as walking their dogs, having their yards mowed, and babysitting services. These are easy and good summer jobs available for kids that people always overlook; it’s actually a gold mine in the waiting.

If you really cannot find any summer job opportunities at all then you can have your kid remain active by volunteering. There are many organizations looking for people to volunteer and the greatest thing about this is that your kid can learn and appreciate what it means to donate their time. Instead of sitting around all day in front of the computer with their video games they can be outside helping someone in need. This will give them a tremendous feeling of self worth and accomplishment.

Parents; Keep Your Kids Healthy and Active

Even if kids can’t find summer jobs it’s important to make sure that your kids stay healthy and active. We all know that during the summer, parents actually end up working harder than ever before because they have to make sure their kids are doing something constructive with their time. This can sometimes force parents to be far more active when they come home from work than ever. There’s no reason why you can’t step it up a little bit and take your children to the park, for long walks around the neighborhood, and to visit friends and family members even if it’s during the week. The point is; you need to get your children out of the house if you don’t have them in a summer camp or if they are old enough and don’t have any jobs.